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Friday 26 May
University of Trento - Economics Department
















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Matteo Bon and Stefano Benati will give a talk entitled: “Who is supporting policies and individual steps to combat climate change? Results from an analysis of logistic regression in the European Union
Elisa Marchini and Matteo Borzaga will give a talk entitled: “Integrating refugees into the labour market in Canada and Italy: A legal and anthropological analysis
Giuseppe Carbone and Luisa Antoniolli will give a talk entitled: “Heading towards the European Union’s digital transformation: regulation of the digital single market and objectives for 2030
Lorenzo Macellari and Pejman Abdolmohammadi will give a talk entitled: “The Future of the Hybrid Iranian Regime


University of Trento
Full Professor of Comparative Private Law University of Trento
Associate Professor of Mathematical Methods in Economics and Actuarial and Financial Sciences University of Trento
MA in European and International Studies
Full professor of labor law
Graduated student
University of Trento student
Trainee Regional Office for Emergencies Programme Department, Humanitarian NGO INTERSOS


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