The Coronavirus Pandemic will produce deeper social, economic and political impacts. The response to the crises that the pandemic triggered urged global emergency measures: in China as well as in Europe and in the Us. Fiscal Policies have returned to the forefront of the political agenda. Public debt is growing everywhere. Real economy is deeply changing. In this new context, local communities are gaining a central role
The whole of the measures adopted by the European Union even exceeds the total amount of the Marshall Plan dating back 50 years ago. This strategy will craft new international balances. China is challenging American international leadership: who will emerge as a “winner”? This is the time for Europe to stop its decline.
Ideologies and leadership are weakened in the Western World. How will its internal balance change? Should the system absorb current transformations or should a new global order emerge? There are therefore two options: Order, as a new social contract, and Disorder due to the failure of the sensitive issue of transition.
At a time of demographic and productivity crisis, in this context, Italy has a chance to react. Starting from the 2022 edition of the Trento “Festival dell’Economia”, Il Sole 24 Ore, Radio 24 and the press agency Radiocor launch a three-year monitoring and evaluation for Recovery Plan investments and reforms. The event is scheduled for June 2022.