A series of lectures on economic policy based on the facts. Josh Angrist, David Card, Larry Katz and Enrico Moretti have already indicated their willingness to give the next AK lectures

Reports on new lines of research from pioneering figures

Intellectual experiences and life choices, recounted live, directly by those who have experienced them

Two different points of view, two opposite ways of looking at a problem and two possible ways of solving it

Dialogue between economists and non-economists

A competition for Italian secondary school pupils on an economic, historical, philosophical and linguistic theme; a passport to becoming an active citizen

The protagonists in the world of business, research, the media and politics discuss the most topical issues in economics


The roots and reasons lying behind the current situation can be found in history. In the new format of the Festival of Economics, the attention paid to the events of the past offers a further perspective, allowing us to better understand the times in which we live. With the participation of some of the best and most representative historians in our country’s academic tradition

From history and sociology to philosophy – how much and what other disciplines have to say about the economic situation

A sort of glossary with the fundamental terms for finding your bearings and arriving at an opinion

Meetings with contemporary authors

Our present and near future in the words of important figures on the international cultural scene