Giuseppe Pignatone


Formerly Chief Prosecutor in Rome, since October 2019 he has been President of the Vatican court. He was a magistrate in Caltanissetta, then Deputy Prosecutor in Palermo, where he was appointed as Assistant Prosecutor in 2000. In Palermo he was also involved in the district anti-Mafia directorate, contributing towards the capture of some of the most dangerous figures in the Mafia. In 2008 he was appointed Chief Prosecutor of Reggio Calabria by the High Council of the Judiciary, in a period marked by attacks and threats from Calabrian gangs. Here he led a series of investigations directed at gangs in Reggio Calabria and the province that highlighted a unified structure for the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, showing the organisation was capable of penetrating the economic and social fabric of certain northern Italian regions. In March 2012 he was appointed Prosecutor in Rome by the High Council of the Judiciary.