Leonida Tedoldi


A political analyst and historian researching political institutions, he lectures in the History of Political Institutions and European Political Systems at the University of Bergamo and is co-editor of the scientific journal “Instituta. Rivista di Storia delle istituzioni europee e internazionali/Journal of History of European and International Institutions”. His research concerns, among other things, European institutions and the historic problems of state governments in Italy, Spain and France. For several years he has carried out teaching, research and academic activities at a number of French and Spanish universities, and analytical activities for ISPI, the journal Affari Internazionali, national radio programmes and the press. He has published Il conto degli errori. Stato e debito pubblico in Italia (2015), and Storia del debito pubblico in Italia with Laterza. Dall’Unità a oggi (2021) will come out shortly with the same publishing house.