Presentation of the Festival 2021

The sixteenth Trento Festival of Economics will kick off on 3 June, the second edition to be held in the era of the pandemic. COVID-19 has radically changed the economic, social, political and cultural framework in which we all live. In this new context the state has regained a primary role in the life of individual citizens, as Tito Boeri, Scientific Director of the Festival, writes when presenting the 2021 programme: “The coronavirus pandemic has led to the public sector entering our lives in an even more invasive manner, regulating even the most intimate details of our everyday routine, from when we can go out to the people we can invite to dinner. To be clear: it has done so (albeit not always) for good reasons, and other countries with a less invasive state government have bitterly regretted it. The fact is, that when we come out of the emergency, we will find ourselves with a grossly enlarged state that has invaded fields previously left entirely to private initiative”. For this reason, the theme of the sixteenth Festival will be “The Return of the State. Businesses, Communities and Institutions”.

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The protagonists

Tito Boeri - Scientific director of the Festival

Maurizio Fugatti - President of Provincia autonoma di Trento

Franco Ianeselli - Major of Trento

Giuseppe Laterza - Publisher

Flavio Deflorian - Rector of Università Trento

Innocenzo Cipolletta - Coordinator of the editorial board

The presentation of the festival