An accessible festival

accessibilità“Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits”.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
United Nations General Assembly, 10 December 1948

Below are all the details on how to travel to the city and take part in events.

How to get to Trento and the Festival dell’Economia venues

autoBy car
If you intend to travel to Trento by car and need an entry pass and access to the restricted parking area to reach the festival sites in the historic centre, you can request a temporary transit permit at the Municipality of Trento Transport offices.
Click here for details.

MobilitàWith public transport
Trentino Trasporti has launched the Viaggia Libero project, offering a high-quality, efficient and accessible service to all, without barriers.
Click here ( for details on Trentino’s public transport service.

le location del festivalFestival locations
With the support of the Cooperativa Handicrea, we have carried out inspections of all the festival sites and developed accessibility information cards for each of the spaces. Soon you will be able to download the cards and choose the events to participate in!

You can request more information by emailing

If you cannot attend the events of the Festival of Economics, you can still follow the live streaming or watch videos of the events afterwards. Soon we will indicate the rooms equipped with streaming.

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