Mio Trentino App

Immagine app Mio Trentino

The Mio Trentino App is like a key that you can use to unlock the best bits of the city and the surrounding area during the festival! 

Transform your experience in Trentino into a journey tailored to your preferences when you download the app on your smartphone. You can use it while you’re in Trento and when you take trips out of the city to discover all the wonders that Trentino has to offer.
Mio Trentino will suggest itineraries, experiences and events for you plus give you real-time updates on weather and traffic. It will explain how to get wherever you want to go in the area and let you make reservations and access benefits thanks to the integrated Trentino Guest Card. And if you’ve got questions or queries, it can instantly put you in touch with someone who’ll be able to help.

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