A schedule designed and dedicated to the public of young people and families, parallel to the scientific programming, which will enliven the entire city with alternative contents and with a strong attractive and aggregation capacity. For the third year the Fuori Festival returns with its dynamic and innovative approach to speak to students of all ages, from primary schools to university, to young people in general and to their parents.

His transversal gaze will help to approach and understand the dilemmas of these complex times, key themes of the entire festival, but will enrich it by giving it a reading from another point of view.
A calendar of meetings designed to inspire and give strength to new ideas, between training and intelligent entertainment for students, young people, families and those attracted by innovative languages ​​and approaches.
Talks, workshops and performances for audiences of all ages to make the economy a wealth of knowledge accessible to all.
Entertainment personalities, new creatives, entrepreneurs who have made their way in digital thanks to new technologies and brands, will bring their testimony and tell their story to an audience of families and young people, to try to trace, even with entertainment, the path to follow.