Festival in piazza

Once again this year, the Festival dell’Economia will bring colour and entertainment to the squares of Trento that will get the whole city buzzing! Numerous initiatives are planned, with a wide range of activities for people of all ages.



The Associazione Librai del Trentino (part of the Associazione Commercianti) will reintroduce one of the most appreciated initiatives from previous editions of the Festival: the presence and management of the Bookstore in Piazza Duomo, and the activities of book presentations and author meetings in the municipal library of via Roma and in other locations throughout the city. The Librarians Association represents and involves all the bookstores that interact with each other and coordinate with the Gruppo 24 ORE for the initiatives promoted in the program.


Confirmed is the presence of Confcooperative for the XIX edition of the Trento Festival. To animate the dedicated meeting space in Piazza Duomo, this year the Confederation has planned a rich schedule of talks dedicated to sector stakeholders and current topics.

At the XIX Edition of the Festival dell'Economia di Trento, the presence of Autostrade per l'Italia is confirmed within the meeting space in Piazza Duomo. A rich schedule of talks will be dedicated to the future of mobility, increasingly sustainable and digital, and to the promotion of the territory with the Wonders project.


The European Union is listening to civil society and engaging in dialogue with citizens to discuss the development of European Union (EU) policies, promote common values, growth, employment, and participation in the European elections on June 8/9. With this objective, the Office of the European Parliament in Italy, the Representation of the European Commission in Italy, and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are participating in the 2024 Trento Festival dell'Economia with a permanent stand at Piazza Duomo. This is an opportunity for exchange and learning between representatives and experts from the EU and the future generation of Europe. Further details are available on the following website: Events (europa.eu).


Live broadcasts from the square will feature programs and in-depth moments involving guests and protagonists of the Festival.


Autobrennero returns to Piazza Fiera with its own stand for the 2024 Festival of Economics. At the A22 Pavilion, visitors can understand its vision and objective: to make the Brenner Pass the first Green Corridor in Europe. Interactive and educational activities on highway safety are some of the proposals designed for the Festival!

Using clean energy generated from renewable natural sources is the most effective way to combat climate change.
Hydro Dolomiti Energia produces energy for everyday life through the power of water, thus contributing to protecting the planet's resources.
Together, let's unleash the power of sustainability.

The INAPP - National Institute for Public Policy Analysis and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies will be present with an exhibition/information space aimed at informing visitors about training, employment, and social policies. Scientific documents resulting from research activities and ongoing projects will be available to the public.

A stage in Piazza Fiera that will host music, events, and will be open to the public for all days of the Festival. Many guests will take turns in the afternoons of the Lounge: from the "88 shades of rock" by pianist and composer Davide Locatelli, to the science communicator Adrian Fartade; from the influencer professor Vincenzo Schettini, with "The Economy We Like", to the former rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni to talk about the importance of sports in educating to overcome life's most important challenges.

This year, in Piazza Fiera, the free-to-play area 2Watch 2Play will be accessible to the public: curated by 2Watch, this space will allow curious individuals and enthusiasts to experience the most popular video games and meet creators and talents such as Eze, HIMORTA, and IlSolitoMute.


Piazza Mostra will have an area dedicated to the learning and play of the youngest ones.

"Economy Kids - LA RADIO DEI RAGAZZI" by 24 Ore Cultura in collaboration with Radio 24

A new appointment with "Economy Kids," the project by 24 Ore Cultura and Radio 24 dedicated to students in the fifth grade of primary school and the first grade of lower secondary school: an engaging group experience that will give voice to the children, offering them the opportunity to approach the world of radio through economics and journalism. The project involves the synergy of various expertises: from the educational expertise expressed by 24 Ore Cultura to the technical-editorial skills brought by Radio 24.


For over forty years, Studio d'Arte Andromeda has been promoting art, specifically comics, illustration, and satire.
It is a stable reference point for the city and the province but ranges well beyond Italian and European borders thanks to its numerous initiatives such as the prestigious thirty-year-old "International Exhibition of Satire and Humor City of Trento."
Present since the first edition of the Festival dell'Economia, this year too it will bring its multiple activities to the space of Piazza Mostra: the caricatures by Umberto Rigotti, the Pop-ups by Tiziano Beber, the drawings by Gianlorenzo Ingrami, Marco Gavagnin, and the collective "These Women," the words of Roberto Rinaldi, and the notes of La signorina Sinforosa and the Music Art guitar duo, for a "4-day" of drawing, group activities, fun, and satire.


A space dedicated to learning and play: from fairy tales dedicated to financial education curated by the Caritro Foundation to the play area animated by volunteers from the Volkan Association - the Goblin's den of Trento. Guests of Junior Lab - Play & Learn will also include economist Luciano Canova and Adriano Attus, creative director of Il Sole 24 Ore, along with Il Sole 24 Ore journalist Marco Lo Conte, who will discuss "Uncle Scrooge's Economy: Disney Handbook of Financial Education."

School of Police: The Road for Everyone

Also at Piazza Mostra, there will be space for road safety education with activities in the multimedia educational classroom on board the blue bus of the State Police.


Radio 24 takes center stage in the square, broadcasting a selection of programs from its schedule live, creating opportunities for live encounters between the audience and its hosts, unveiling the emotions of live radio and behind the scenes. In addition to Radio 24 studios, Piazza Cesare Battisti will be animated by a STAGE where live performances by the same hosts will alternate with live broadcasts. The center of the city of Trento comes to life, engaging all audiences and bringing the festival to life in the square outside of institutional locations.


"Un caffè al Sole" is the daily appointment with the live press review curated by the Deputy Directors of Il Sole 24 Ore. Together with them, it will be possible to read and comment on the main news of the day, from May 24th to May 26th, from 8:00 to 9:30 at Bar Pasi, in Piazza Pasi 1.