In Perugia, the first stop of the tour in Italian schools and universities.

From abroad to Italian universities, the journey of approaching the 19th edition of the Festival continues.

After the three international events of Road to Trento in India, the United Kingdom, and Germany, the journey towards the 19th edition of the Festival dell'Economia di Trento, organized for the third consecutive year by Gruppo 24 ORE and Trentino Marketing on behalf of the Trentino institutions from May 23 to 26, 2024, will continue with a tour in Italian universities and schools. The first appointment was on March 13 at the University of Perugia, at the Department of Economics, followed by March 18 at the CUOA Business School in Vicenza (Altavilla Vicentina), March 20 at the Bologna Business School, and the fourth appointment will be at the Liceo Scientifico Leonardo da Vinci in Milan on March 26.

The Director of Il Sole 24 Ore and President of the Scientific Committee of the Festival, Fabio Tamburini, will illustrate to the community of students and teachers the fronts on which the theme identified for the 2024 edition, "QUO VADIS? The dilemmas of our time", will be declined. How to face the challenge of climate change? Will economic development prevail over the necessary measures to beat inflation? Will high public debt end up destabilizing the authority of states? Is energy transition achievable within the tight deadlines dictated by the West? Will demographic winter end up overwhelming welfare systems? Are populism and democracy reconcilable? These are some of the major issues of our time that the Festival dell'Economia di Trento will try to address with some of the brightest minds from the academic, economic, scientific, and political world at national and international levels.
President of the Scientific Committee of the Festival dell'Economia di Trento, Fabio Tamburini, Director of Il Sole 24 Ore, explains: "A minute after choosing the title for the third edition of the Festival dell'Economia di Trento signed by Gruppo 24 ORE, we had confirmation that it was the right decision: the ruthless attack by Hamas on Israel and the bloody reaction. What is happening in the world increasingly justifies the question 'Quo vadis?' And its subtitle 'The dilemmas of our time.' This happens because wars, which have returned as a tool for resolving conflicts, are causing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian casualties. But also on many other fronts. So numerous as to challenge the party of optimists and sow, especially among the younger generations but not only, anxieties and uncertainties about the future of the earth and humanity, which must confront pressing questions, precisely the dilemmas of our lives."

With the new theme, the Festival dell'Economia di Trento continues its commitment to analyzing the challenges posed by a global scenario characterized by high complexity and uncertainty, proposing solutions and insights. In 2022, the theme "After the pandemic, between order and disorder" aimed to delve into the profound social, economic, and political effects of the pandemic, while the 2023 edition titled "The future of the future. The challenges of a new world" focused on outlining the impact that major technological and socio-economic transformations will have on humanity. In the 2024 edition, the rich schedule of meetings and keynote speeches will touch on areas such as geopolitics, artificial intelligence, changes in the world of work, inclusion and sustainability, energy and energy transition, welfare, inflation, public debt, and economic development.


Towards the Trento Economics Festival: Director Tamburini presents the themes on Radiophonica Perugia.