Innovation Days - Growing with successful competitiveness

Friday 24 May
Itas Forum
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Supporting SMEs' internationalization, the regional market watch, opportunities for companies offered by Artificial Intelligence, the leverage of Private Capital and innovation funding, access to the PNRR's funds, sustainability and circularity of production processes as a growth factor, presentation of the most innovative start-ups, and a lot of Business Networking. These will be the topics covered by the Innovation Days Trentino-Alto Adige - the second stage of the Il Sole 24 Ore 2024 Roadshow, in partnership with Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria. This year too, the event will be part of the Festival dell’Economia's program, with leading lecturers, such as Ferruccio Resta, President of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and representatives from the local Confindustria sector, Barbara Fedrizzi, President of Trentino Export and of Piccola Industria di Confindustria Trento, Fausto Manzana, President of Confindustria Trento and of Confindustria Trentino-Alto Adige, and Francesco Orefice, President of Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria Trento.

Economic policies