A responsible festival

In 2023, the management system of the Festival dell'Economia 2023 obtained ISO 20121:2012 certification following verification activities by a third-party certification body.
The ISO 20121:2012 standard was introduced to assist organizations in improving the sustainability of their events and is based on the plan, do, check, act method. The standard provides the necessary framework to measure and minimize the environmental, social, and economic impacts of an event and to refine planning and processes.
We chose to certify the sustainable management of the Festival dell'Economia because it is a major event, and as such, generates impacts whose measurement helps us implement mitigation policies and continuous improvement.
The standard provides a path for improving commitments on ESA themes assumed since 2023 in the management of the Festival dell'Economia. Trentino Marketing s.r.l. intends to continue its commitment to sustainable management concerning the design and execution of the Festival dell'Economia event in Trento 2024 and commits to renewing the organization's management system according to the International Standard ISO 20121:2012.
As a co-organiser, Trentino Marketing has implemented its own management system with processes and procedures aimed at assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts generated by the festival. 
Trentino Marketing has signed an official Sustainable Development Policy document detailing its objectives in the various sustainability areas.
The policy highlights Trentino Marketing's responsibility towards stakeholders to measure and lower the event’s impact and sets out its commitments to the Sustainable Development Principles as described in the standard.

ACCESSIBILITY – promoting the usability of products, services, environments, and facilities
INCLUSIVITY – developing stakeholder engagement practices
INTEGRITY – safeguarding the respect for ethical principles
LEGACY – promoting a positive legacy in the territory after the Festival
MANAGEMENT – internally sharing the sustainable development project
TRANSPARENCY – communicating clearly, accurately, timely, honestly
RESPECT – fostering opportunities and no discrimination

In accordance with the 17 goals set out in the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and together with SproSS, Trentino Marketing is committed to leveraging the festival’s organisation and execution to help achieve the following goals:


# GOAL 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote learning opportunities for all
# GOAL 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
# GOAL 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable
# GOAL 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
# GOAL 17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development



In order to practically tackle the issue of worldwide pollution caused by plastic bottles, in Trento’s main squares we have installed 3 MICROFILTERED STILL WATER DISPENSERS linked to the city aqueduct and equipped with a flowmeter.
Bring a water bottle with you for 24/7 access to cold or room-temperature water.

To manage rubbish disposal, we have installed 4 RECYCLING AREAS in Trento's main squares, complete with detailed explanations on how to correctly separate your waste. 

To keep the city of Trento clean, we have decided to install 4 Smokers Points for the collection of cigarette butts. The cigarette butts will be recycled and transformed into new materials for the creation of everyday objects. Together, we can make a difference for the environment and the local community.

Help us sort the recycling, see the installations on the map. 


To encourage alternative, sustainable transport, in addition to public transport such as buses and trains (both free with the Trentino Guest Card), we have set up bike-sharing (details here).
Furthermore, download the OnOff Trento app (all information available at this link) for nighttime services that allow you to book the bus according to your needs in Trento, and the Mio Trentino app that provides mobility information (all information available at this link).
Get around on alternative and low-impact transport!


Our giveaways foster a circular economy and responsible consumption.
The gifts we'll be distributing to speakers at the event are made with previous years’ recycled Festival dell'Economia banners.

The Festival dell’Economia aprons - available to those operating businesses in the city centre - have been handmade by a Trento-based company. Each apron has a label explaining that sustainability also means reusing the materials which have been given to you.

Grembiule FdE


To encourage the reuse and recycling of equipment, we manage the warehouse digitally so we can keep track of equipment used and its


We promote the area and local businesses and encourage the use of local accommodation facilities.


In an effort to raise awareness around sustainability and involve both the general public and those contributing to the event's success, we are disseminating information regarding the sustainable nature of this event.

Involvement of external parties for volunteer services does not involve any form of discrimination; the volunteers involved are trained on sustainability topics.


Trentino Marketing has adopted the Guidelines on Accessibility and Inclusion at Large Events, which seeks to improve accessibility in the following areas:

  • Spaces and rooms
  • Technical management and secretarial organisation
  • Transport
  • Equipment and fittings
  • Catering services
  • Communication, information and technology
  • Safety
  • Hospitality service and staff

DOWNLOAD the Sustainable development policy Trentino Marketing

DOWNLOAD the 2023 Certificate

Let us know your thoughts by emailing sostenibile@trentinomarketing.org